It's that easy to get started using the first app designed to help you create and reach personal goals, break habits and save money! Big Change is an intelligent twist on the old self-improvement or expense tracking apps you may have used.

In fact, consider this the anti-expense tracker because at the end of the month you'll still have money in the bank…and become more accomplished in the process. We will help you stay motivated to reach your goals!

Make the choice to break your smoking habit, save the money you would otherwise spend on luxury items or expensive coffee, begin that new exercise program or create your own goal. Be as creative as you want, you can personalize this app to work specifically for you!

For example:
Set up a reward account to buy new clothes in a smaller size and with every pound you lose set aside an amount towards your reward.
Reward yourself for taking guitar lessons and with every lesson set aside some money for a new guitar.
Cut back on the amount of latte's that you buy and set aside some money to donate to the Red Cross.

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