The Settings screen is where you store your user information and manage your Twitter and Facebook connections. You can change this information by reentering the information fields or by pressing the connections buttons.

If this is your initial installation, after you press save you will be taken through the process of setting up your accounts and first goal.


The Accounts screen is where you can set up or manage your rewards accounts.

You can create an Account Name that you can later associate your goals with and also create a description. You can multiple accounts. For example you might want to have your reward amounts from one or more goals go to your “Vacation Account”. The Description might have more detail and specify that it is “Next year’s spring vacation to Tahiti”.
After the initial setup process, you can press on the blue circle with the arrow to edit or delete an account. Deleting it will delete any accumulated reward amounts.

Press save when you’re done. If you have not yet set up any accounts you will be taken to the Create or Edit Goals setup screen.


The Goals screen is where you manage your Big Change goals. You can or edit a goal by using one of the 8 preset categories or create your own custom goal.

The Reward Amount is the amount that you want to set as the reward for taking a step towards achieving your goals The Monetary Goal is the amount that will be your first milestone, it should be in increment of your reward amount. The Deposit into: is the account that you want to accumulate all of your rewards into. This account can be shared with multiple goals if desired. The Description is fuller description of your goal and is a required field.

As an example you could create a Custom Goal, give it the name of “Pay it forward” with a $5 reward amount and a Monetary Goal of $40 (8 times). The deposit into account could be your vacation account and the description could say “Pay it forward by doing good for others”.

After you have created a goal you will have the opportunity to share your commitment on either Facebook or Twitter.

On the main goals screen, a goal image that has a green circle with a plus sign indicates that you can add a goal for this category by pressing on the image. A goal image that has a blue circle with an arrow (>) indicates that you have already created a goal. Press the image to see create or edit the details. For a created goal you will also be given the option to reset the goal.


After the initial setup the Progress screen is the main screen for the app. This is where you will be able to enter all progress made, see your % completion to your initial Monetary Goal, see your goal status, and also access the goal edit mode.

To record progress after the successful completion of a step towards your goal press the Record Progress button (this button will turn red if you have not had any activity in the past week). After you record your progress you will be taken to a congratulatory screen which will give you a status update and will give you an opportunity to share your accomplishments on either Twitter or Facebook. Once you have recorded enough successes to reach your Monetary Goals, the % completion will reset itself and you can then strive to reach your next Monetary Goal. If you want you can go in and edit your Monetary Goal and set it to a new level.

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